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Apples: Macintosh Apples panorama orchard, conevnionally grown
Apricots: Apricots fresh from Panorama Orchard in Oliver. These tasty fruit are the nice size, midseason fruity taste. Conventionally grown.
Arugula: spicy green great in salad or for pesto
Basil: everyones favorite
Beans: Fava Beans Broad Windsor
Beets: White beets. North Arm Farm white beet - very sweet.
Beets: Purple beets. Red Ace - the best all-round red beet.
Beets: Golden Beet. Orange skin, rich gold interior
Beets: Chiogga Bullseye
Cabbage: Savoy Cabbage, crinkled leaves and a great taste
Cabbage: Green Heritage variety - crunchy and sweet
Carrots: Orange Carrots. Mokum - top rated for taste - high sugar and brittle tenderness.
Carrots: Purple Carrots. Purple Haze carrot - skin is dark purple with a bright orange interior. Very sweet.
Carrots: Red bunching carrots. Flavour intensifies when cooked
Carrots: White Satin
Chard: Bright Lights/Golden Chard
Chinese Artichokes: Chinese Artichokes/Crosnes.
Crab Apples:
Garlic: Scapes are fragrant and tasty garlic flowers for use as early garlic
Garlic: "Music" is a white hard neck variety that has large sticky and fragrant cloves that keep well.
Hay: grass hay $7 bale
Jerusalem Artichokes: Sunchokes Red. Potato-like tubers can be eaten raw or cooked.
Jerusalem Artichokes: Sunchokes White. Potato-like tubers can be eaten raw or cooked.
Parsley Root: sweet white roots with a distinct parsley-like flavour.
Parsley Root:
Parsnip: Gladiator Parnips - sweet and earthy
Potatoes: German Butter. Yellow-fleshed - one of the best eating potatoes and are suited to any cooking style.
Potatoes: Deep purple skin with purple flesh. Small sizes only.
Potatoes: Russet Goldrush is a russet variety that is more round than the traditional long baker but with exceptionally sweet flesh that is great for all sorts of uses.
Radishes: Watermelon radish has white/green skin with red flesh
Radishes: Easter Egg pink, red, purple and white
Radishes: Jade is a beautiful radish that is has light green flesh and is spicy during the summer but mild in the fall
Rhubarb: Crimson red
Rutabaga: globe shaped root with cream coloured interior and purple sholders
Salsify: Black Salsify. The most distinctly flavoured root vegetable. Salsify is delicious and is uncomparable with any other type of root vegetable for roasting, soups or pickling
Salsify: White
Turnips: Purple Top Globe. The traditional turnip with smooth, round roots - white below the soil line and bright purple above.
Turnips: Hakuri white globe
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